Lone Elder

Livingston, MT


Formerly known as Bubba Fett, Lone Elder is a 5-piece band bluesy western rock band based out of Livingston, MT. With a spooky western feel, their musical sound combines elements of americana, folk, modern rock, psychedelia, and blues into a sound that is wholly their own. Their songs incorporate stories and themes from the old west, science fiction and the supernatural that evoke a range of emotions in the listener.  


The band’s origins can be found in the husband/wife duo Rich and Steph Clewis. Steph has been a guitar player since her teen years, but tiring of always playing other people’s songs struck out to write her own. Rich, an accomplished artist, musician, and long-time guitar player, creates Lone Elder's original electric sound and guitar leads.   

Together the band creates a unique, guitar-driven blend of western, blues-rock, folk and americana that is hauntingly fun.

You can experience Lone Elder live in Livingston and Bozeman on a regular basis and enjoy their tracks "Skinwalker" and "Give In" available for download as well as on all major streaming platforms. 

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